Module std::sys_common::wtf8

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Implementation of the WTF-8 encoding.

This library uses Rust’s type system to maintain well-formedness, like the String and &str types do for UTF-8.

Since WTF-8 must not be used for interchange, this library deliberately does not provide access to the underlying bytes of WTF-8 strings, nor can it decode WTF-8 from arbitrary bytes. WTF-8 strings can be obtained from UTF-8, UTF-16, or code points.


A Unicode code point: from U+0000 to U+10FFFF.
Generates a wide character sequence for potentially ill-formed UTF-16.
A borrowed slice of well-formed WTF-8 data.
An owned, growable string of well-formed WTF-8 data.
Iterator for the code points of a WTF-8 string.



Copied from core::str::StrPrelude::is_char_boundary
Copied from core::str::raw::slice_error_fail
Copied from core::str::raw::slice_unchecked