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Platform-dependent platform abstraction.

The std::sys module is the abstracted interface through which std talks to the underlying operating system. It has different implementations for different operating system families, today just Unix and Windows, and initial support for Redox.

The centralization of platform-specific code in this module is enforced by the “platform abstraction layer” tidy script in tools/tidy/src/

This module is closely related to the platform-independent system integration code in std::sys_common. See that module’s documentation for details.

In the future it would be desirable for the independent implementations of this module to be extracted to their own crates that std can link to, thus enabling their implementation out-of-tree via crate replacement. Though due to the complex inter-dependencies within std that will be a challenging goal to achieve.


  • pub use self::unix::*;


  • This module contains the implementation of the eh_personality lang item.
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