Module std::rt

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🔬This is a nightly-only experimental API. (rt)
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Runtime services

The rt module provides a narrow set of runtime services, including the global heap (exported in heap) and unwinding and backtrace support. The APIs in this module are highly unstable, and should be considered as private implementation details for the time being.




  • begin_panicExperimental
    This is the entry point of panicking for the non-format-string variants of panic!() and assert!(). In particular, this is the only entry point that supports arbitrary payloads, not just format strings.
  • cleanup 🔒 Experimental
  • init 🔒 Experimental
  • lang_start 🔒 Experimental
  • lang_start_internal 🔒 Experimental
  • panic_displayExperimental
  • panic_fmtExperimental
    The entry point for panicking with a formatted message.